About Utah Fun Guide

As parents of a pre-schooler ourselves, we are frequently on the lookout for the best places to entertain our child. (If we weren’t parents, we’d be on the lookout, anyway!)

We created Utah Fun Guide in the summer of 2022 with the goal of exposing all the funnest spots around the state. Our website provides value by compiling all the information a reader might need all in one place, using searchable terms that get our articles ranked on the first page of search engines. Read: more exposure for local businesses we write about!

Since this website is so new, time will tell how successful it will become. But this isn’t our first rodeo! We are building this website up by utilizing our skills and knowledge from years of running highly successful websites that currently get millions of visitors per year, and social media accounts that have tens of thousands of followers. We also have previous work experience in the travel, hotel, and family entertainment industries – everything from online marketing, to #influencing, to developing enterprise software and websites.