Dead City Haunted House (Murray) October 2022: Attractions, Hours, and Tickets

Dead City Haunted House (Murray, UT) October 2022 Attractions, Hours, and Tickets

Utah thrill seekers and haunt enthusiasts have proudly added Dead City Haunted House to their list of must-visits during the Halloween season, and for good reason. After all, 30,000 square feet filled to the brim with hundreds of animatronic monsters, terrifying actors, amazing sets with amazing detail, and special effects makes for a terrifyingly fun time! Let’s learn more about what the adrenaline-pumping, heart-thumping Dead City Haunted House has to offer.

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Dead City Haunted House Location

5425 S Vine Street
Murray, UT

Phone: (801) 890-5335 (texting preferred)

Dead City Haunted House is located in the heart of Murray, about 15-20 minutes by car from downtown Salt Lake City. You’ll find it just across the street from the Murray Cemetery (how fitting)!

Dead City Haunted House Attractions

Did we mention Dead City is a monstrous 30,000 square feet? Their super large location allows for over 60 themed rooms in this walk-through haunted attraction! They add new scares yearly but here are just some of their terrorizing rooms of fear that take an act of bravery to get through:

  • Cathedral of Blood
  • Nightmare Nursery (scenes of haunted children)
  • Swamp Goblin’s Lair
  • Season Of The Witch
  • Temple Of Doom
  • Army Of Darkness
  • Carn Evil!
  • Vampire Coven
  • Lab of Dr. Death

Between the demons, zombies, and ghosts; yearly new sets and mazes; professional costume and makeup design on the haunters; and screams of the faint of heart patrons, Dead City Haunted House does a really great job – stepping even one foot into this place is a lot of fun!

Things to Know Before You Go

  • Bathrooms are out front.
  • The walk-through event takes about 45 minutes to get through. 
  • Groups will be spaced apart for safety measures.
  • There is plenty of free parking on-site.
  • They don’t do timed tickets – come any day (that your ticket allows), first come first serve.
  • All tickets include a bounce back discount.
  • No ticket refunds.

They also offer different levels of interactions with the cast that you can choose when buying a ticket. Here are the details:

Level 1 – Death Be Gone Experience

If you are more sensitive to scary things, you can hold up a purchased glow stick and the actors will run away. (If you put your glow stick away, they will interact with you.) Keep in mind that animatronics and automated effects will still operate even if you have a glow stick.

Level 2

Level 2 is your traditional haunted house experience where the actors will scare you but not touch you.

Level 3 – Touch of Death Experience

If you really want the full experience, you can wear a purchased glow necklace to signal the actors that they can physically touch you. They typically touch the arms and legs only, but will not move or separate you from your group. (If you take your glow necklace off, they will not touch you.)

You must be 16 years or older to buy the Touch of Death experience.

Dead City Haunted House Hours

Dead City Haunted House is open all of October 2022 and the first weekend in November. Generally speaking, their open hours are as follows:

Monday-Thursday7:30 pm-10:00 pm
Friday and Saturday7:30 pm-12:00 am

We will update this section once they release their calendar schedule for 2022.

Dead City Haunted House Tickets

Buy tickets here.

At the DoorOnline
General Admission Anytime Ticket$28.95$26.95
VIP (Skip the Line) Fast-Pass Anytime Ticket$38.95$36.95
Weekday Ticket (Monday-Thursday)$24.95$22.95
*Season Pass$135.00$135.00
**Out of SLC, College Student Weekend Ticket$22.95$20.95
Ladies Night (4 for the price of 3)Normal – $26.95Discounted – $20.21
*The Season Pass includes one VIP FastPass entry each night of their season. It also includes admission to Krampus in December and Love Bites in February. You will receive a Season Pass ID badge and you must show an ID along with the Season Pass to enter.

**Discount for college students from outside the Salt Lake Valley (BYU Provo, UVU Orem, Weber Odgen, USU Logan, or further). You must show your student ID when entering and each student ID may admit up to 3 other people.

Optionally, you can add on the following to your ticket:

VIP Fast-Pass$10.00 per ticket
Death Be Gone (For Kids or Chickens!)$1.00 per ticket
Touch of Death*$5.00 per ticket
Repeat Offender (2nd Entry Same Day)$8.00 per ticket
*Must be 16 years or older to buy the Touch of Death experience

Dead City Haunted House Coupon, Discounts, and Deals

In case you missed it above, Dead City Haunted House offers a few discounts, including discounts for college students from outside the Salt Lake Valley, and for Ladies Night where ladies only get 4 tickets for the price of 3.

They also offer group discounts and the details are as follows:

Ticket TypeGroup SizeDiscountDiscount Code
Weekday ONLY Ticket20+$8.00 offWDgroup20
GA or VIP Ticket4+$3.00 offgroup10
GA or VIP Ticket10+$6.00 offgroup20
GA or VIP Ticket30+$8.00 offgroup40
GA or VIP Ticket40+$10.00 offgroup50
Group discounts are only available online. Enter the discount code on their ticket purchasing website. Tickets must be purchased in a single transaction.

Historically they have also offered deals on Groupon. Be sure to check back to see if they offer one in 2022.

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